Everyday Freedom

Freedom of Speech  Freedom of Press Freedom of Religion Freedom of Assembly Everyday In The Holy Name OF Jesus Christ, I decree and declare that All Activist and Religious Americans Utilize their First Amendment. Amendment I FREEDOM OF RELIGION, SPEECH, PRESS, ASSEMBLY, AND PETITION Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791. The first 10 […]

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Articles/Movies/Scripts/Writers & Authors

Movie-watchers and Script-writers have a lot in common They are critics who have influence in the entertainment industry. Authors need critics to critique their creative literature, and movie-watchers are great review writers. Authors of various literature succeed at creative pursuits. Movie watchers are authors too; they become script writers, screenwriters, Sci-fi writers, Poets, & fantasy fiction […]

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Fly like an eagle/ like Bessie Coleman/ Fly like The U.S. AirForce Women

    WOMEN’S HISTORY African American Women Feminism, Suffrage Social Reform and Women Women Rulers, Politics, Laws Women in the Ancient World Women in Medieval History Writers, Artists, Musicians Historical Fashion Daily Life: Family, Education Military, War, Peace Women in Sports Women in Science Women and Work Women and Religion Women’s History Basics

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